Soon, all IBM Power 7 machines will be history. Some IBM Power 7 machines have already been retired and support is available via IBM’s Hardware Support Extension. End of service (EOS) for the remaining Power 7s (the Power 7 Plus) is about a year away. A full listing of all affected Power 7 models and product names is listed in the Description section of IBM’s announcement.

If you’re an IBM Power 7 user, you have some decisions to make.

Periodically, IBM® provides notice to clients of plans to withdraw services for IBM and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machines under an IBM Agreement. At this time, we are providing notice that selected machine types, models, and features will be discontinued from standard maintenance services. IBM will send no further correspondence of this nature for these machine types, models, features, or RPQs. 


After the effective date, IBM will no longer offer full hardware maintenance service for the listed machine types. If available, clients will continue to receive limited hardware maintenance service as described in the “Withdrawal” section of your terms with IBM, without lapse in coverage, for select machine types.

Decision time for IBM Power 7 users

If you’ve been distracted with the everyday issues of running your business, we understand. But you can’t bury your head in the sand. If your Power 7 isn’t retired yet, there’s just about one year of support remaining. Fortunately, you have ample time to make a thoughtful decision.

Take this opportunity to consider both your hardware platform and software needs.

You’re happy with your software and just need a new hardware platform

If your existing software is meeting your current (and anticipated future) needs, you just need to decide between getting new hardware and moving to the cloud. Making the decision to migrate your IBM i processing to the cloud requires careful consideration, and we can help you determine the best path for your business.

Do you also have Windows servers, Linux servers, or other X86 workloads? We can board them in the same cloud.

Should you decide to move to the cloud, we can serve as your remote IT team, offering expert guidance, including cloud migration support.

If you prefer to continue with an on-premise (locally hosted) server, we can help guide you to the ideal IBM i server for your business. Software Concepts is an authorized IBM reseller and we are well-versed in available IBM hardware (as well as IBM software) options. We have many customers who appreciate the stability, security, autonomy and performance of the IBM Power System servers.

Maybe it’s time for an application software refresh

If you’re not enamored with your current software (or you’re outgrowing it) and are considering migrating to a new solution, now is an ideal time to make the change.

Perhaps your existing software’s character-based 5250 interface feels dated … you don’t have a graphical interface … or your current software just hasn’t kept pace with modern capabilities. Or you simply need more functionality.

The DS90 iSeries Distribution & Accounting Solution is a modernized Windows-based software application that can run on your server or in the cloud. It’s a robust solution with the key functionality of high-end ERP systems, but without their high price tags.

Even better? Our comprehensive support takes your migration from planning to implementation – capably and completely. Whether your needs are routine or a bit unusual, accommodating your unique processes is not only doable, but routine for us.

You’re probably going to pay for extended support

The path of least resistance is to defer your decision and pay for extended support after “end of service.”

We can understand the desire to avoid change as long as possible. But there are risks to staying with machines that are on IBM Hardware Support Extension.

If you’re considering Hardware Support Extension (or already have it) for your IBM Power 7, be sure to read the fine print. Once Hardware Support Extension is in place for Power 7, the IBM contract provides “limited hardware maintenance … for selected machines.”

It’s different from a SWMA maintenance contract where you get the same support after end of life.

Extended support can be a risky business decision.

Support and guidance for your next steps

You have a business to run, and we understand that pivoting to focus on your hardware and software is both distracting and difficult to manage. Let us be your IT partner.

We’ll be happy to lead the way with your IBM Power 7 end of service migration and solving your larger technology puzzle. With customers from $2m to $200m in revenues in a wide range of industries, we understand the complexities and challenges inherent in the small business environment.

Sound good?

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