Remote Order Entry

remote order entry

The DS90 iSeries Remote Order Entry application allows remote users to process orders offline, without being connected to the server, and upload the orders to the server when they have access to an internet connection. The communication process is fully automated, continuously working in the background until all orders are uploaded, even if your connection to the internet is interrupted or unstable.

An order confirmation is provided by the server for each order, verifying that your order was received and is being processed. Of course, all communications are provided on a secure tokenized connection.

The DS90 iSeries Remote Order Entry application offers features of a customer management system, downloading updated information about customer’s sales history, item availability and customer pricing whenever connected to the server.


Other Remote Order Entry features of note are:

  • Fast, easy to use, highly functional customer search
  • Special customer-specific pricing and discounting options
  • Seamless integration with the DS90 iSeries Order Management system
  • Customer inquiry with sales orders and Accounts Receivable information
  • Email integration for customer invoices
  • Secure connectivity
  • User-managed access control to customer records
  • Multiple methods of searching for items
  • Access to customer history while taking the order