Application Control

application control

The DS90 iSeries Application Control module provides administrators the means to oversee the security, integrity and access to your data, while offering users a secure, easy, and flexible means of navigating the entire suite of software applications.

Administrators use the intuitive interface to control which users are allowed access to specific functionality and data, securely granting or denying authority to different applications, menus, or menu options by user, group, or location. Modifying access, managing new users or editing roles is nimble, straightforward and instantaneous.

Robust flexibility to modify user and group profiles

With their personalized single sign-on, users are provided secure access to all applications for which they are authorized. The screen-sensitive help, instant access to customer data and real-time order processing make navigating the application simple and enable employees to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

The DS90 iSeries Application Control module provides the ability to customize user profiles for individual users. To further improve user efficiency, the menu structure and nomenclature may be customized for individual users or groups. It also eases the process when adding a new user to a specific group and creates a navigation architecture that is unique and specific by individual or role.

Security is paramount and our application control delivers 

You work hard to gain and retain each and every customer — and you can’t afford to put their data at risk. You need the most secure technology available to protect your financial data and block access by unauthorized applications or individuals. We hear you.

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