Light Manufacturing

Light Manufacturing The DS90 iSeries Light Manufacturing application is designed to help you manage production, kit assembly or processing of components into a finished goods. This function-rich, flexible module operates in real time and offers robust functionality for light manufacturing. Make to order production orders can be created individually during the order entry process, or a group of orders can be consolidated into one production order. Make to stock orders can also be entered via the Purchasing order entry module.

In the DS90 iSeries Order Management application, real time production status reporting provides a view of the production line and alerts you to any priority jobs. When requesting the report, the sequence of the jobs may be organized by customer, item number, production order number, routing step or priority. To launch production, selections can be made for a specific customer, item, range by due date, route and production order number. Bar code scanner integration simplifies the process to document production sequence, reducing reduces clerical errors.

In the DS90 iSeries Light Manufacturing module design, we recognize the need to enable a simple kitting process, while also allowing for other process complexities. As our customers use various methods of organizing their assembly operations, we offer flexible features to support them.

Top features our customers find helpful:

  • One step kit production
  • Make to stock production
  • Make to order production
  • User-defined routing steps
  • Consolidation of multiple sales orders to a single production order
  • Optional user-defined item routing
  • Bar coded production order
  • View item status during production process
A partial list of additional features
  • Bill of materials version history
  • Bar coded routing steps can be scanned for status and completion update
  • Integration with sales order entry
  • Component allocation during production order creation
  • Component inventory is deducted from inventory upon completion of the production order
  • Finished good inventory is placed on order during production order creation
  • Finished good inventory increased upon receipt of production order
  • Optional kit production item routing
  • Option for user-defined external processes within routing steps
  • Option for user-defined tasks to be assigned to routing steps
  • Lot/serial numbered inventory tracking
  • Real-time kit requirements report
  • Real-time suggested purchasing for components
  • Kit production report provides an historical view of kits produced
  • Kit production inquiry
  • Kit Inquiry with recipe print option
  • Kit cost rollup
  • Reverse kit production

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