A sound understanding of your financials is key to a healthy business

financialYou didn’t choose to be an accountant because you’re more of a hands-on, practical type. You’re more likely to be conferring with your lead guy on the floor than sitting in a fancy office in a suit. Still, you need streamlined access to financial data to keep the pulse on your business day to day, and to make good business decisions that maintain strong growth. And as your business grows, you need functionality that will scale. Your hands are full responding to customer requirements, managing inventory and processing orders. What you crave is a system that gives you a solid handle on your key financial data and integrates with your distribution software. One that’s sufficiently robust but not overly complicated. More powerful than the popular entry level accounting applications, but not so sophisticated that it’s impossible to conquer. Done. Our DS90 iSeries accounting software is a single, integrated solution for your financial and distribution needs. Designed for the smaller, independent and growing business, it offers the key functionality of high end ERP applications but without their complexity or high price tag. Easy to learn, intuitive and flexible, it enables you to perform due diligence on your financials and move on with taking care of your customers.

The next step up in financial application functionality

Seeking capability to handle complex pricing calculations like contract pricing or complex commissions? No sweat. Want to to customize your financial statements into a format specific for your needs? How about on-screen capability to see your income statement and balance sheet in real-time? Easy. We’re not catering to the ivory tower CEO; we’re more focused on supporting the sleeves-rolled up business owner. So we’ve developed the DS90 iSeries accounting software, a product that combines the ease of use of an introductory product with the key deliverables of a high-end ERP system. We’ve built in logical flows and time-saving efficiencies like the ability to drill down into order history while in order entry. You can’t go wrong with our dependable, affordable DS90 iSeries accounting software.

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