Accounts Receivable

accounts receivable

The DS90 iSeries Accounts Receivable module provides complete control over cash flow and facilitates the timely application of cash collection. This flexible module saves users time by making everyday tasks simple and efficient.

Our transaction processing enables fast, accurate cash and credit application. Full or partial payments by cash, check, credit card or bank transfer may be applied to customer invoices with a single mouse click. Key features like miscellaneous cash, customer refunds, adjustments, returned payments and automatic credit application are also available.

Statement requirements vary based on company type, so we designed our statement program to deliver on what your customers demand. We can produce individual statements and also have the power to consolidate subsidiary customers into a corporate statement. Statement cycles are user-defined and assigned by you, so they print when you decide they should — providing the flexibility you need.

With high-function, low-cost laser printers the standard in business forms production, we’ve included a feature to print your DS90 iSeries Accounts Receivable statements on a single-sheet laser print form. You can re-print a statement any time, for any customer.

The Aging Report allows you to sort and summarize by customer, class and sales representative.  You may age from either the invoice date or due date, and all aging values are interactively determined.  In addition, you may dynamically assign customers into different aging classes for the purpose of maintaining stricter control. You decide the aging intervals. The aging report can also be back-dated to provide an historical snapshot of your accounts receivable.

Credit checking a customer account demands access to a variety of historical data. That’s why our Accounts Receivable module provides instant visibility to your customer’s information. Our drill-down search feature provides quick answers from customer invoice to payment, for both open and historical transactions.

Our team will customize the DS90 iSeries Accounts Receivable module to meet your specific needs.

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Some popular Accounts Receivable features that our customers love

  • Extensive customer activity inquiry
  • Fax/Email statements or invoices from Accounts Receivable inquiry
  • Run past or future aging reports
  • Flexible aging periods by customer
  • Tokenized credit card processing
  • Comprehensive customer collection notes
  • Automatic application of credits via sales order entry or cash application
  • Generate customer refunds with integration to Accounts Payable
  • Scan/view invoice and other documents
Many customers find these other features useful too
  • Multiple customer search methods
  • Generate on-demand statement
  • Multiple methods for payment processing
  • Age by invoice date or due date
  • Sort aging report by customer number, name, or by sales rep
  • Multiple aging formats
  • Flexible statement cycles per customer
  • User-defined finance charges per customer accounts receivable class
  • Multiple accounts receivable general ledger account support
  • Field-sensitive security on customer credit limit
  • Miscellaneous cash entry
  • Deposit slip generation
  • Accounts receivable detail inquiry
  • Open accounts receivable inquiry
  • Accounts receivable check inquiry
  • Customer accounts receivable history
  • Daily customer payment/invoice history
  • User defined accounts receivable adjustment codes
  • Customer mailing labels
  • Automatic application of terms discounts with user override capability
  • Customer listing with user-defined parameters
  • Historical view/print cash groups
  • Unapplied cash entry and distribution with reference invoice number
  • Overpayments supported
  • Customer class designation for sales analysis
  • Reports
    • Daily Cash Edit Report
    • Customer Detail Accounts Receivable Report
  • Multiple customer ship-to addresses
  • Multiple phone number and contact entry per customer and/or ship-to address
  • Balance forward or open item statements
  • Multiple salesperson support per customer
  • Additional security within customer maintenance to control add/change/delete per user
  • Re-open of paid invoices
  • Check reversal
  • Multiple bank support
  • Accounts receivable summary inquiry
  • Accounts receivable balance inquiry
  • User-defined summary or detail general ledger integration

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