Staying ahead of today’s constant changes in technology can be exhausting. Not to mention ever-increasing customer requirements and expectations for instantaneous response time. You need distribution software that can help you to react swiftly, respond nimbly and execute seamlessly. But you can’t break the bank.

distribution testimonialA distribution toolkit to streamline your operations

We’ve got you covered. Our integrated DS90 iSeries Distribution Software solution provides all the functionality you need to efficiently run your entire distribution business – and at a price you can afford. The DS90 iSeries software is a budget-friendly ERP platform built specifically for smaller businesses. It’s the sweet spot — more robust than entry level starter applications, yet not overly complicated or pricey like a high-end ERP solution.

Even better, our DS90 iSeries distribution software can help you scale your business to the next level, growing with you as you expand into eCommerce, multiple locations, new pricing models or other complexities. Our customers represent a wide variety of industries, from foodservice to furniture, plumbing to packaging, eyewear to software. Each has unique operations and challenges that were accommodated through our flexible solutions.

Robust solutions for distributors, light manufacturing and kitting

A suite of well-designed applications including Order Management, Inventory Control and Financial applications provide a real-time view into your business, helping to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Gain insight into profits, cash flow and product growth with the Sales Analysis module, and automate your commissions processes through the DS90 iSeries Commission Management module. A Light Manufacturing module offers order processing functionality for manufacturers that assemble kits from inventoried items.

Establish your position and stay ahead of the curve with the DS90 iSeries distribution software built for small business. Explore the modules below, or

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