Inventory Control

inventory control The DS90 iSeries Inventory Control module is designed to provide all the tools you’ll ever need to efficiently and effectively manage your inventory. This function-rich application operates in real time with all modules within the DS90 iSeries ERP application and offers seamless communications with EDI services.

Our uniquely powerful global item search methodology makes searches faster and easier. The item search gets instant results by using any combination of the following search criteria: Item number, description, manufacturer’s item number, unit of measure, item class, keyword — or even partial criteria.

This module supports various packaging and pricing complexities, including multiple units of measure for a single item, flexible pricing for that item and sell in one or more units of another measure. Inventory gets tracked, managed and priced in decimal units of measure. The system does all the conversions for you! The DS90 iSeries distribution software offers a variety of pricing methodologies, including date sensitivity, special pricing combinations and contract pricing for specific customer and item — saving significant time and reducing clerical errors.

Key inventory information at the click of a button

Extensive ad hoc reporting and real time inquiries provide immediate access to key information including inventory levels, inventory valuation, inventory audit, sales analysis, customer and item rankings, orders by items, order pipeline, purchase orders and an “as of’” inventory inquiry.

All transactions provide cursor-sensitive help, allowing users to become proficient quickly.

Time-saving features our customers use every day

  • View inventory availability and purchase orders from order entry
  • Store, view and fax any image or document for confirmations
  • Real-time suggested purchasing to maintain desired inventory levels based on set criteria
  • View date-sensitive inventory availability
  • Lot and serial numbered inventory control and tracking
  • Kit production and bill of materials support
  • Global update to cost/price with future effective date options

See the full feature list

Many customers find these other features useful too. This is a partial list of additional features available in the DS90 iSeries Inventory Control module:

See the full feature list
  • Bar coded item list
  • Bar coded item labels (thermal or laser)
  • Bar coded put-away list
  • Multiple company support
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Multiple bin location support
  • Inventory adjustments with user-defined reason codes
  • Multiple vendors/vendor Items
  • Vendor or customer item cross-reference ability during sales order entry
  • Discontinued Item status with replacement item support
  • Alternates item setup for display during sales order entry
  • Complementary item setup for display during sales order entry
  • Item copy function during item maintenance
  • Unlimited extended item description
  • Kit production routing steps
  • Stock Transfers with purchase order and sales order integration
  • Cycle count support
  • Physical inventory counts
  • Pricing combinations
    • Customer/Item contract pricing
    • Matrix level pricing
    • Order group pricing
    • Customer class/item class
    • Customer class/item keyword
    • Customer class/item
    • Customer/Item class
    • Customer/ship-to/item class
    • Customer/item keyword
    • Customer/ship-to/item keyword
    • Customer/item
    • Customer/ship-to/item
  • Key reports
    • Item Ranking Reports
    • Inventory Valuation Report
    • Item Inactivity Report
    • Negative Inventory Report
    • Basic Suggested Order Report
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Inventory Adjustment Report
    • Inventory Allocation Report
    • Kit Production Report
    • Inventory Audit Report
    • Inventory Status Report
    • Item Ranking Report
    • Inventory Transaction Audit Report
  • Inquiries
    • On hand/on order inquiry
    • Order inquiry by item number
    • On hand status inquiry with lot/serial number inquiry
    • Shortages by item inquiry
    • Purchase order inquiry by item number
    • Kit inquiry/production inquiry
    • Item price inquiry
    • Lot/serial number inquiry
    • Customer/item price inquiry

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