Sales Analysis

sales analysis

The DS90 iSeries Sales Analysis module enables efficient analysis of sales and profit information, providing greater insight into your marketplace and more control over your business. With numeric and analytical bar chart display options to view sales, profit and sales comparisons year/year, month/month or by other user-defined parameters, the DS90 iSeries Sales Analysis offers everything you need.

Following are key features many customers find useful.

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Compare sales for:

  • Current month this year vs. last year
  • Current month vs. last month
  • Year to date this year vs. year to date last year
  • 24 month sales comparison for user-defined two year period
  • 24 month profit comparison for user-defined two year period

Multiple sales record types for easy access and retrieval

  • Customer number
  • Sales representative and customer number combination
  • Customer number and item number combination
  • Item number
  • Customer class
  • Item class
  • Sales representative and item class combination
  • Returned item number
  • Sales representative
  • State
  • Popular Reports
    • Monthly Return Recap Report
    • Sales By Vendor and Item Class Report
    • Sales by Sales Rep and Item Class Report
    • Item Sales by Item Class Report
    • Inventory Sales Movement Report
    • Active Customer Sales History
    • Customer Class Sales Report
    • Customer/Item Sales Report
    • Customer Sales Report by Month
    • Customer Sales Ranking Report
    • Item Sales Ranking Report
    • Sales Report by Sales Rep
    • Accounts Receivable or By Sales Rep Report
    • Power Report (shows up to seven years of history/comparison)

Executive inquiries

  • Accounts Receivable inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable balance inquiry
  • Open order inquiry
  • Sales item summary inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable summary inquiry
  • Customer order history inquiry
  • Financials on screen inquiry
  • General Ledger account balance inquiry
  • Vendor summary inquiry
  • Customer sales ranking inquiry
  • Item sales ranking inquiry
  • Order entry statistics inquiry
  • Cash flow inquiry