trainingYou’ve made the investment. Now it is time to take advantage of the tremendous functionality in your new software so you can gain the efficiencies to grow your business. Even if you’re a technology buff, any new system can feel awkward at first. That’s where our training comes into play.

Software Concepts provides personalized instruction to help you gain comfort with and maximize your effectiveness with your new DS90 iSeries software. Your ramp-up is accelerated because we simulate your own workplace setup, copying your live data into our training environment so you can experiment and practice without fear.

Because everyone learns differently, we deliver your training however best meets your needs – in person at your company location or our corporate facility, by phone or online, one-on-one or one to many.
Whatever your needs or the size of your team, we provide informal or structured guidance to help you ramp up as quickly and completely as possible. We work with you to optimize the timing of your initial training just prior to launch, to maximize retention.
And we recognize the operational challenge of scheduling staff training while running your business. So ongoing instruction is available on an ad-hoc or on-demand basis, at a rate your team members can absorb and master. No irrelevant online videos to waste your time; all training is customized to address your unique requirements.


Yours and Yours Alone

Because each customer has their own internal processes and workflow complexities, neither the product nor the training is a one-size-fits-all solution. Every training session is tailored specifically for your company and your individual user groups.
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