We’re not just talk.


We’re not like those big companies with one-size-fits-all solutions and dubious customer support services. The value our services provide is on an entirely different spectrum. Whether you need help finding the right ISP or firewall solution, or can’t deal with complicated vendor requirements (or whatever other back-end IT questions you have) … We’ve got you covered.

Think of us as your remote IT team. We’re not just a service provider; our guidance and support services extend way beyond just the application. From minor issues to complex integrations and critical decision making, we bring together all the pieces of your technology puzzle — efficiently, capably and economically.

Unlike other software companies, we developed the DS90 iSeries ERP system that we install and support. Our deep business process expertise is based on providing services to many independent businesses like yours. As a result, we understand your complexities and challenges. Unique workflows are a way of life for us. Customizations are anticipated, welcomed and flawlessly handled. Your software implementation isn’t complete until it fits like a glove.

Our Services: A refined way of conducting business

We start with thoroughly planned, tested and flawlessly executed implementations that integrate seamlessly with all of your applications, including EDI interfaces, eCommerce platform and shipping software. We’ll consult and guide you to determine the optimal hosting model for your unique situation – in the cloud or locally hosted on an IBM Power i server. If you’re ready to migrate to cloud hosting, let’s talk.

Got your own systems or home-grown applications? Not a problem. We’ll be happy to personalize your DS90 iSeries ERP system installation to integrate with your in-house systems. Customizations and modifications are developed efficiently and vetted in a training environment before they’re made live. Exceptional training is personalized for each client, delivered when, where and how you want it.

No mumbling or bumbling call center reps. Since our reliable, dependable DS90 iSeries ERP system is backed by thorough testing, knowledgeable technicians and hands-on dedicated, consultative support, you’ll always get straight answers and the highest level of expertise.