Order Management

order management The Order Management module is the heart of the DS90 iSeries order processing system.

From entering a new customer and shipping information, to adding inventory items and pricing, ordering the items needed — even looking up historical transactions – the application is nimble and intuitive. A user may email a purchase order to one or more vendors if desired, automatically link a purchase order directly to a customer order and drop-ship one or more line items.

With the DS90 iSeries Order Management module, customer credit cards are charged using a secure tokenized payment gateway to maximize security, and invoices can be automatically generated to the customer via email to improve efficiency. With the proper authority, a user may access all of the functions directly from the DS90 iSeries Order Management module.

React swiftly, respond nimbly, execute seamlessly

Today’s customers are stressed. They need information or help — pronto. With instant access to real-time order data, buying history and inventory levels, your staff can respond to customer inquiries more efficiently and with greater accuracy. Integrated drop ship support and secure access to specialized maintenance functions add power to the order entry module and maximize flexibility.

The DS90 iSeries Order Management module includes features to streamline every step of your daily business procedures — from locating existing customers and creating new ones, through order entry, warehouse picking, shipping and billing. You’ll save time and improve service with high volume transaction processing, real-time data access and improved usability.

Additional efficiencies are gained through seamless integration with EDI services, functionality to import orders from offline and Remote Order Entry systems (including handhelds and bar code scanners) and integration with third-party shipping systems such as UPS World Ship, FedEx and others.

Back office efficiencies with every transaction

We designed the DS90 iSeries Distribution and Financial software to save you time, energy and frustration. A single click provides instant access to extensive customer order history, and a second one enables re-order directly from order history.

Upon customer approval and acceptance, a couple of clicks exports a quote directly into the order management system, eliminating the need for duplicate entry. Raising the functionality bar, DS90 iSeries ERP software also provides capability to import a quote into an order while in order processing.

With online help always available, users become proficient quickly. Extensive search capabilities offer easy access to customer information including item, terms, bill to, ship to and all other critical sales order information. A comprehensive order notes field provides the full picture to any employee viewing an order.

Order management with flexibility and control

Need to delay order generation for drop ships, special non-stock items, backorders or “make to order” production orders? Simply choose the optional user-controlled purchase order generation.

You can also price out a job with several pricing methods – and layer on optional date sensitivity, if desired. If needed, you can also print order-specific shipping or invoicing instructions on the pick list or invoice.

The DS90 iSeries Order Management application is the most flexible and feature-rich in the industry. Explore the additional features below or contact us directly to discuss your needs or specific questions.

Time-saving features our customers use every day

  • View scanned invoices and other documents
  • Instant access to real-time inventory levels
  • Optional user-controlled purchase order generation for drop ships, special non-stock items, backorders or “make to order” production orders
  • Secure tokenized payment gateway for credit card processing
  • Import orders from remote devices: laptops, PDAs and other handheld devices
  • Export an order from quote processing into order entry
  • View item images at order entry

See the full order management feature list

Our customers benefit from the additional functionality enabled by these other features in the DS90 iSeries Order Management system.

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  • Single click instant access to extensive customer order history
  • Order directly from customer history
  • Email and fax any document: invoices, orders, statements, price lists
  • Instant access to real-time inventory levels
  • Optional user-controlled purchase order generation for drop ships, special non-stock items, backorders or “make to order” production orders
  • Import orders from remote devices: laptops, PDAs, or other handheld devices
  • EDI integration
  • Multiple pricing methods with optional date sensitivity
  • Comprehensive point of sale / counter sales support
  • Comprehensive order notes
  • Laser or dot-matrix printed form support
  • Bar code scanner support
  • Credit card integration – real time – tokenized
  • Create an order directly from a quote
  • Ability to enter special items (items not in item master file)
  • Drop ship processing support per line item
  • Ability to add or maintain customers and items within order entry if authorized
  • Extensive item search options (item number, item description, vendor item number, vendor, department, class, keyword, unit of measure)
  • Extensive customer search options (customer name, contact name, city, state, zip code, phone number, address)
  • Lot/serial control
  • Integration with third party shipping systems including UPS, FedEx and others
  • Real-time inventory allocation
  • Line item comments
  • Screen-sensitive help
  • Point of sale mode with full invoice or 40 character receipt
  • Point of sale mode with credit card, check, cash processing
  • Point of sale mode with cash draw reconciliation
  • Vertical credit checking against specific customer credit limit with inclusion of open orders and current Accounts Receivable balance
  • Horizontal credit checking against specific Accounts Receivable aging bucket
  • Optional display of customer collection notes
  • Customer-specific purchase order requirement setting. On user-specified customers the purchase order number may be required as well as validated against duplicates
  • Standard search option for minor master files (such as salesperson, terms, ship-to addresses)
  • Multiple ship to support (99999 additional ship-to addresses per customer)
  • Corporate customer setup to consolidate multiple bill-to’s
  • One-time ship to entry
  • Default customer or order specific shipping instructions to print on pick list
  • Default customer or order specific invoice instructions to print on invoice
  • Default customer or order specific miscellaneous information for internal use
  • Standard fixed messaging system for invoices, statements, pick tickets, purchase orders
  • Access to maintenance functions based upon security (customer, item, terms, salesperson)
  • Pay before delivery terms to prevent shipping to those customers required to pre-pay for their order prior to shipping
  • Credits entered via order entry
  • Credits reference original invoice (RMA) to check pricing and to apply to outstanding invoices in Accounts Receivable
  • Order group processing
  • Order discount entry (manual or defaulted from customer)
  • Multiple price levels (manual or defaulted from customer)
  • Ability to ship from different physical warehouses on single order
  • Integration with commission system
  • Split commissions with multiple salesperson support
  • User-defined order source for order tracking
  • Alternate and complement item support
  • Phantom kit support
  • Buyer alert on item shortages
  • Gross margin calculator during item entry for margin analysis
  • Item history inquiry
  • Ability to display graphical images assigned per item (multiple images per item)
  • Extended text message per item
  • Kit inquiry/availability of components within bill of material
  • Integration with quote system (convert quote or line item to order)
  • Cross reference to customer item number
  • Online quantity inquiry with drilldown to actual purchase orders
  • Sales tax processing with exception handling
  • Shipping & handling entry per order
  • Special charges for user-defined charges
  • Unlimited user-defined shipping methods
  • Multiple payment methods including check, cash, credit card
  • Invoice and dot matrix forms (reprint capability included on all forms)
    • Pick ticket
    • Packing slip
    • Order acknowledgement
    • Invoice
    • Quote
  • Integration to inventory, purchasing, production and accounts receivable modules
  • User-defined integration with General Ledger
  • User-defined hold codes
  • Automatic or manual assignment of order numbers
  • Automatic assignment of invoice numbers
  • Multiple bin locations per warehouse
  • Ability to print pick slips in bin location sequence
  • Integrated facsimile and email support
  • Multiple company and location support
  • Backorder processing
  • Integrated quotation module
  • Make to order processing
  • Multiple unit of measures
  • Quantity break pricing
  • Combination quantity break pricing
  • Contract pricing
  • Multiple ship-by dates per line item
  • Reason code entry for restocking during credit memo entry
  • Open customer order inquiry
  • Customer accounts receivable inquiry
  • Release held order processing
  • Shipping labels
  • Barcode integration
  • Third party reporting tools with ODBC compliance
  • Reports
    • Selected Order Report
    • Due To Ship Report
    • Cancelled Order Report
    • Held Order Report
    • Orders Booked Report
    • Backorder Report – customer/item
    • Quote Report
    • Invoice Registers Report
    • Sales Tax Audit Report
    • Customer Price List

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