It’s not an easy decision to change existing processes. But at some point, your outgrown technology can become a liability. As your business matures, your requirements also increase — and your entry level accounting software may begin to hold you back.

You need an accounting software solution that you can grow into. Software that’s the next step up from QuickBooksTM, with more functionality, but that doesn’t have a giant learning curve. Or the complexities of a higher end accounting solution targeted for a much larger business. Not to mention a significant price tag.

Accounting software you can grow into

While change can be hard, having room to expand is a good thing. To support your business’ growth, you need accounting software with more functionality, features and potential, delivered without excessive complexity or a price that’s out of reach. A QuickBooks alternative that’s right-sized.

Let’s face it, moving on from a popular application like QuickBooks isn’t a decision you make lightly. The functionality offered in QuickBooks is well-executed. It’s familiar, comfortable and you’ve been a bit spoiled by its ease of use. We understand.

Faced with the angst of software migration, you might be considering “bolting on” some third-party add-ons for QuickBooks. While third-party add-ons may seem like a sensible interim step, in reality, dealing with various software vendors and integrating multiple software applications can result in an additional level of complexity (not to mention finger-pointing) – for a temporary solution.

A right-sized, scalable accounting solution

You’re testing the limits on your current accounting software, and QuickBooks add-ons create more headaches than they relieve. So what’s the right answer?

A solution that meets your current needs, while also providing functionality that helps your business rise to the next level. The DS90 iSeries Accounting Software is packed with growth potential, making it highly scalable as your needs increase. But to make the transition from QuickBooks less overwhelming, you can hide functionality until it’s needed, easing the ramp-up and migration.

We engineered our DS90 iSeries Software to support the needs of distributors, light manufacturers and other independent, growing businesses – starting with a straightforward and intuitive user interface that makes it really easy to use. You get the additional functionality of higher end accounting software applications — but not their complexity. And it’s packed with valuable features that growing businesses need to become more productive and efficient.

Robust enough to support the evolving needs of emerging businesses for the long term. And priced to fit your budget.

Expose functionality as your needs dictate

Turn on location capability when you open an additional warehouse, allowing you to manage inventory across multiple locations and ensure that products are delivered on-time and as promised.

Make the leap and do business with large retail customers that require orders to be transmitted electronically — simply expose the EDI functionality to accept and send data in various formats.

Enable online ordering. Functionality to communicate with myriad eCommerce platforms in a standardized way means you can grow through online commerce. DS90 iSeries Software is eCommerce-friendly, exchanging data in the many different formats preferred by eCommerce platforms.

DS90 iSeries Accounting Software grows with you, absorbing your complexities and integrations and catering to your increased needs as your business matures.

Support for migration and beyond

Unlike many software vendors, we developed the software that we install and support. Our expert team has decades of experience dealing with the complexities and challenges of independent businesses. You’ll find we’re more like a remote IT team than a service provider. We make the whole process easier for you by handling even the most complex integrations efficiently, capably and economically.

Flexible pricing alternatives are available, including various subscription licensing options and one-time purchase.

The DS90 iSeries Software Suite combines the ease of use of an introductory accounting application with the key deliverables of a high-end ERP system. It’s targeted at smaller independent businesses, distributors and light manufacturers, with a shorter list of software requirements and a smaller budget than businesses with a full high-end ERP system. But the DS90 iSeries is no lightweight when it comes to functionality – it’s packed with logical flows and time-saving efficiencies to help growing businesses become more productive and profitable.

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