Need a sandbox to develop or test your IBM i software? Software Concepts can offer you a private IBM i partition (LPAR) in an IBM i based public cloud for less than $128/month.

What’s included in your private IBM i partition?

  • Memory, Storage & Operating System: The partition includes 480 CPW, 2GB of memory, 500GB of Disk Storage, a Cisco vShield Edge firewall and two static public IP addresses. You can even choose your IBM i operating system level for the partition. If you want more memory for your partition, you can purchase additional main memory, at $15 per GB.
  • Development Tools: The partition comes with the development tools you typically need, including WebSphere Development Tools, Query for i, DB2 SQL Development Tools, Access Client Solutions and BRMS, among others. The partition includes an IBM SWMA subscription so you can stay up to date with the latest from IBM.

You have complete control of your partition, as the QSECOFR (security officer profile, or owner).

Backup for your IBM i partition

Of course, backing up your partition is important. You can back up your partition to any external resource of your choosing. If desired, you can back up your partition to a 250GB Virtual Tape Library in the cloud for $35/month. This option includes replication of your backup data to a second data center on a nightly basis.

IBM i partitions for production workloads

Do you need an IBM i partition for a production workload? In addition to use of private IBM i partitions as a testing platform for programmers, we have onboarded many IBM i clients’ production workloads on an IBM i cloud, at very competitive prices. In addition, if you have Intel-based workloads, we can offer you those “x86” partitions as well — in the same cloud.

Many other options are also available to customize your configuration.

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Prices quoted are subject to change at any time. $128/month price is for a one-year term; discounts are available for longer terms.