While our customers represent a diverse set of industries, their common need is a robust distribution solution that can accommodate their unique business processes. Not only does the DS90 iSeries Software meet their needs, it improves the efficiency of their ordering process.

Every keystroke impacts the bottom line

  1. With instant access to real-time order data, buying history and inventory levels, your staff can respond to customer inquiries with greater efficiency and accuracy. The system checks availability as items are selected, and users can check alternative warehouses with a single click.
  2. Eliminate duplicate entry: Upon customer approval and acceptance, a couple of clicks exports a quote directly into the order management system, eliminating the need for duplicate entry. Users can view a customer’s order history and order directly from the history screen.
  3. Remote integration: Order Entry includes functionality to import orders from offline and Remote Order Entry systems (including handhelds and bar code scanners). The communication process is fully automated, continuously working in the background (even with an interrupted or unstable internet connection) until all orders are uploaded.

A complete picture reduces errors and wasted time

  1. Nimble search: Extensive search capabilities offer easy access to customer information including item, terms, bill to, ship to and all other critical sales order information. User efficiency is improved with visibility into past orders as an alphabetical list or sort by date. A user can drill down on a particular item to see all associated orders.
  2. A comprehensive order notes field provides complete information to any employee viewing an order. A flexible order notes field includes shipping instructions — one-time ship-to instructions, default customer or order-specific shipping instructions printed on pick list.
  3. Item availability: Easily view (by a specific date or week), when an item may be available for shipment to a customer. This view dynamically integrates requested shipment date on existing customer orders with promised delivery date on current vendor purchase orders. Further increasing efficiency, this information is updated dynamically when customer orders or vendor purchase orders are changed.

Robust functionality streamlines transactions

  1. Optional user-controlled purchase order generation enables delayed order generation for drop ships, special non-stock items, backorders or “make to order” production orders. Other helpful features include proactive buyer alerts on item shortages, phantom kit support and kit inquiry for availability of components within the bill of material.
  2. Multi-location support: Enter one order for shipment from multiple warehouse locations. Individual line items can be shipped from different warehouses or locations, eliminating the need to enter two separate customer orders.
  3. Multiple units of measure: With unlimited units of measure for a single item, the need to manage multiple item numbers for different units of measure is eliminated.

Tokenization protects customer data

  1. A secure tokenized payment gateway maximizes security when processing customer credit cards. Customer credit card data is never handled or stores within the DS90 iSeries software. The application links to the payment processor gateway, which captures the credit card data. The payment gateway returns a “token” (or random string of letters and number) back to the DS90 iSeries application. This token is stored with the transaction, in lieu of the credit card data.

We designed the DS90 iSeries Distribution and Financial Software to save you time, energy and frustration.

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