AS/400 General Ledger - financial software AS/400 series

The DS90 AS/400 General Ledger software provides users with real-time visibility into your company’s financial status with the flexibility that you need. Some key DS90 AS/400 General Ledger features are:

DS90 AS/400 offers the flexibility of a soft close system, which enables processing of transactions that span multiple accounting periods. The DS90 iSeries AS/400 General Ledger module accepts manual transactions, recurring transactions and auto-reversing transactions, and utilizes flexible fiscal periods and a user-defined account structure. The capability to handle multi-currency and to open, close and reopen fiscal periods as necessary are also embedded.

The reporting associated withDS90 iSeries AS/400 General Ledger is also adaptable based on your needs. In addition to custom reporting, both ad-hoc and preformatted reports are available, including preformatted periodic and comparison income statement reports (detail or summary). Quick view financial statements, General Ledger Balance Sheet and G/L summary reports are also available within the DS90 AS/400 financial software.

As a small business, efficiency is a critical need. Functionality built into the DS90 AS/400 General Ledger module includes the ability to integrate with spread sheet applications, create recurring journal entries and drill up to original source entries.  Automatic allocation by percentage and multiple company support offer nimble access to the functionality you need.

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