The DS90 AS/400 Accounts Receivable application provides users with accurate cash management and nimble access to record payments and track receivables. Key features include:

Robust functionality

With easy to use, efficient day-to-day cash management and powerful management tools, users gain control and insights into their cash flow and receivables. Functionality includes:

  • Tokenized credit card processing
  • Single-sheet laser print form capability
  • Easily accessible and comprehensive customer collection notes
  • Seamless integration with AS/400 Accounts Payable to generate customer refunds
  • User-defined summary or detail AS/400 General Ledger integration
  • Payment processing of full or partial payments by cash, check, credit card or bank transfer

On-screen inquiries 

Instant access to customer information is available with a few keystrokes. A drill-down search feature for open and historical transactions enables users to identify aging Accounts Receivables and view detailed customer invoice and payment history. The DS90 AS/400 (iSeries) Accounts Receivable includes multiple customer search methods to access information. Popular inquiries include:

  • Customer activity inquiry
  • Customer Accounts Receivable history
  • Daily customer payment
  • Daily customer invoice history
  • Open Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Receivable detail
  • Accounts Receivable check inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable summary inquiry
  • Accounts Receivable balance inquiry

Informative AS/400 Accounts Receivable reports

Numerous dynamically generated reports are available. The DS90 AS/400 Aging Report offers multiple aging formats, offering the ability to age from either the invoice date or due date. Users may control assignment of customers into different aging classes and aging intervals – or rely on embedded defaults. A sampling of reports available within DS90 AS/400 Accounts Receivable:

  • Aging Report sort by customer number, customer name or sales rep
  • Past or future Aging Reports
  • On-demand summary and detail Aging Reports
  • Daily Cash Edit Report
  • Customer Detail Accounts Receivable Report

Personalization and flexibility

AS/400 Accounts Receivable iSeriesTo accommodate your unique processes, DS90 AS/400 Accounts Receivable includes user-defined statement cycles and options to consolidate subsidiaries within a corporate statement or provide individual statements. Functionality is included to support multiple customer ship-to addresses, as well as multiple contact fields for each customer or ship-to address.

Terms discounts are automatically applied; however, user override is available. Some of the flexible features of DS90 (iSeries) Accounts Receivable are:

  • Options for balance forward or open item statements
  • Capability to support miscellaneous cash payments, refunds, adjustments, returned payments
  • Flexible aging periods by customer
  • Multiple methods for payment processing
  • Process deposits against multiple bank accounts
  • User-controlled application of finance charges and customer credit limits
  • Automatic credit application

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