The DS90 AS/400 (iSeries) Accounts Payable software provides the functionality, flexibility and control your business requires to effectively manage vendor and supplier payments. Key features include:

Ease of Use

Highly intuitive, with a simple user interface, powerful search and on-demand screen-sensitive help, the DS90 AS/400 Accounts Payable application offers full visibility to the transactional data with interactive inquiries and reports. Multiple customer search methods and drill-down searches provide quick answers for both open and historical transactions. Quick or one-time entries enable users to set up vendors or invoices on the fly, with the ability to modify later to add vendor details or create recurring invoices.


AS/400 accounts payable series software

To suit your unique processes, the application includes user-defined hold codes for invoices and payments, user-controlled integration with the DS90 AS/400 Commissions module and user-defined vendor classifications and vendor purchase requirements. Vendors may be set up as permanent or one-time vendors. Your vendor database includes all of your unique requirements as well as comprehensive vendor notes, vendor contact info, addresses and vendor payment terms.

Nimble Functionality

Built to accommodate your specialized needs, the DS90 AS/400 Accounts Payable module supports multi-currency and multiple bank accounts and a variety of check register formats with user-defined parameters. It has built-in processing for 1099s to create required tax forms for payments to non-employee contractors. If desired, you may attach documents or images to vendor files or invoices. To maximize efficiency, Accounts Payable delivers current liabilities to the balance sheet in the DS90 AS/400 General Ledger, in real-time.

Inquiries and Reports

Daily or monthly cash flow inquiries and open payables provide a broad view which may be refined by company, vendor, invoice, purchase order or invoice date. DS90 AS/400 Accounts Payable includes robust vendor activity inquiry functionality including aging payments, last payment date and terms, as well as drilldown to invoice, check and purchase order detail.

Effective use of reports available within the DS90 AS/400 Accounting Software help you to effectively manage your cash flow. Pre-defined reports, drilldown reports, graphical reports and customizable reports are all available to help you stay abreast of payments made and payment status. Pre-formatted reports include past or future aging reports, vendor history reports and held invoice reports.

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