Streamline your operations and increase efficiency with business management software that’s perfect for independent foodservice distributors. An easy to use, budget-friendly offering, DS90 iSeries Distribution Software offers the key functionality of a high-end ERP system. Available as either a one-time license or subscription for under $200/month, DS90 iSeries Distribution Software is an affordable solution for small to mid-sized distributors.

Our business process expertise was honed by over 30 years’ experience working with small and emerging distribution businesses, helping them scale by conquering operations challenges and automating manual processes. We work with foodservice distributors of all kinds, including family-owned distributors who deliver product to grocery store warehouses, baked goods distributors using a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) model and dry goods distributors servicing restaurants. We can help you gain efficiencies, improve responsiveness and increase ROI.

Small business software for retail, restaurant and foodservice distributors

foodservice softwareIntuitive and user-friendly, the DS90 iSeries Distribution Software (AS/400) is packed with features that make it an excellent fit for foodservice distributors, like inventory lot control for product traceability, flexible pricing and multiple units of measure for a single item.

The DS90 iSeries Order Management module increases efficiency in every step of your daily business procedures. Instantly access inventory levels to help you maintain appropriate levels of products that expire. Include order-specific instructions on the pick list to support the whims of restaurant chefs. Seamlessly integrate with EDI services.

Maximize security with a secure tokenized payment gateway to charge customer credit cards, and automatically generate customer invoices via email to improve efficiency.

As a small-batch or niche distributor, your client base may include smaller clients, requiring tighter cash flow management. DS90 iSeries Accounts Payable module includes daily or monthly cash flow inquiry, partial payment support and user-defined hold codes for invoices and/or payments.

Feature-rich distribution software to help food and beverage distributors compete

Easily support different pricing schedules for independent restaurants, convenience stores or customers with an inventory control module that offers flexible combinations and contract pricing for specific vendors, customers and/or items.

The DS90 iSeries Inventory Control module also enables you to manage inventory in multiple warehouses, multiple bin locations or multiple companies and improve efficiency with mobile barcode scanning for shelf-stable packaged food items.

With real-time suggested purchasing to help you maintain inventory levels based on set criteria, you can support both retail customers who require large volumes of shelf-stable items and menu kit producers that desire a broader selection of specialty food ingredients.

The kit production routing steps functionality within the Inventory Control module allow food distributors to define all the components that make up a master item or kit. It’s especially useful for distributors who combine, mix or modify components to create a new product, like a snack mix. With user-defined production routing steps, variations of master kits can be easily accommodated, and component inventory is deducted from inventory upon completion of the production order. Real-time suggested purchasing for components ensures you won’t run out of kit ingredients. There’s even a recipe print option within the kit inquiry functionality.

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